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my life as of late - ekki ekki ekki ekki pikang zoom-boing [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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my life as of late [Jun. 3rd, 2005|12:06 am]
[Current Mood |geekygeeky]

You know i wrote this whole entry before and my mood was cheerful. Now it's not so much because i had to motherfucking write this shit all over agian. damn cpus. somebody better fucking read it... and comment to! also it was a lot longer but so fucking sue me.

Whooooo been awhile since ive updated, but how is that a surprise?
Just been busy working really. Yep life is fairly mundane and not extremly fun. But im earning money to spend during the school year which is when i reallyyy wanna have fun anyways.

I think ive worked every shift there is available. Afternoons, morning, midnight. yep ive worked it.

Working in a freezer does strange things to people. Or maybe these people were just strange to begin with. Dropped on the head as a child that sorta thing. Like one guy who is always trying to hit on me. He is reallllly slow. for example:
Me: you have to put these burgers in this box
Him: whhaat?
Me: you put. these here hamburgers. in this see box.
Him: dont fucking talk to me like im stupid... kay what i gotta do again?

Argh! did i mention he also has one eyeball protruding and talks about his mom beating him up and smoking weed with his step dad. Then says he can "mothefucking drink adn smoke as much shit as i want cuz the way i fucking figure it eh, is that i have abso fucking lutely no brain cells left" I talk a lot about my bf i love very much and try to avoid him as much as possible.

There are a few others too, there are prolly more wierd people because i cant really tell because they dont speak english. So physically they look sane, but really they could be ranting about how santa claus is their savour and how they wish their mother wore spandex.
dont get me wrong met lots of cool people who make the day wayyy better through all our jokes and chats. Even met some people i still keep in touch with and who i'll see more of in toronto.

Which reminds me of a story. lol. a friend of a friend started working at better beef. The factory next to ours. It is mandetory that we all wear hairnets. So a week after she starts working she calls my friend saying, "i think my head is to big, it doesn't fit in the hairnet". Which is impossible. These hairnets could fit an elephants rear end in them and not break. But yeah, turns out for a week she had been wearning the beardnet on her head. lmfao. A beardnet is a modified hairnet. It is wayyy smaller than a hairnet and has an elastic band running from each end. so the beardnet goes on your chin then the eleastic strap goes aroudn the back of your head. Now she was wearing it, as the strip of fabric on top of her head with the elastic running down around her chin, like a chin strap. ahhh lol. for a week! lmao and no one told her, how cruel.. ah but funny.

Other than freezing my ass off i spend time running up and down stairs getting shoes for old ladies who have an endless supply of things wrong with their feet. A few common examples:
"oh watch that foot dear i have a metal joint in that one"
"hmm nope this shoe is rubbing on my bunion"
"oh geez this ingrown toenail is really bothering me"
"i have plantus imparius (or some other big word which basically means toe fungus)"

so yeah.. that is my life daily. weeee.

From: (Anonymous)
2005-07-03 03:44 am (UTC)

speaking of...

stupid co-workers, this is what a stoopid kid who works with my friend Marky Mark said to him (Mark) "I may look stupid, but I don't appear to be" AHAHAHAHA. And then (later) asked him what 4 x 4 was...seriously. Because he (M) is a 'math wiz'.

Guh. Not that I should be speaking (or writing...whatever) I snorted over the intercom.


I wish some of the men where I work would wear chest hair nets.
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