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MOVING! ...again... [Mar. 21st, 2006|08:09 pm]
So, yes im keeping a blog. No to it being here. I want something i can have more freedom with layoutwise.

et voila: http://sploogywetness.blogspot.com/
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Today [Mar. 9th, 2006|05:59 pm]
I was thinking about deleating my livejournal account, parce que I am terribly bad at updating. Obviously. But I then I came back here today and started reading my old entries. And it was fun(ish). Reading up on what has happend a little over a year or so. How much has changed in my life. How much I have gone through in just a few months. So maybe, I will keep this ol thang alive.

Im still going to suck at updating though.

Too much has happend since my last entry ages ago. So ill just start er off here.
School is on strike, which i thought was great because the week before which was my reading week I was horribly sick. So i really didnt get one. So this was nice to have an extra week to make up for it. Which I definately have. But I think Im ready to go back to school now. Its wierd living around students 24/7 and yet not have to go to school. Luckily ive been to busy for it to have a big impact. But i really dont think I could take it for that long. Especially because everyone else is busy. But I definately could do with some me time anyways.

Things to Do:

1. Start hacking away at all my final projects
2. Clean room
3. Make door poster with my 3 favourite men in the whole world. (David Hasselhoff, James Brown and Tom Jones)
4. Sort out my head. seriously. so many mixed feelings. so many confusions, so much.. fuck that attitude. I avoid a lot of things because i want to be healthy i want to keep most of my brain cells. But you know what, it doesnt make a fucking difference. I get sick either way, so why do i bother being so careful. From now on, fuck that Im young. Im going to try new things.
5. Shopping heals the female soul. Even though im low on money. Fuck it. Ill go home and work my ass off all summer. Its not like fergus holds anything else for me this summer. Besides you just cant get things in fergus like you can out here. I got a mr.T t-shirt the other day. <3
6. All I need is me. write it out 200 times. Maybe then ill believe it.

Alright back to work sportsfans. The show's over. go back to your equally pathetic lives.
:)im so lovable.
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looky. [Dec. 11th, 2005|04:52 pm]
look what i did.
all by myself
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What time is it mr.wolf? [Aug. 24th, 2005|10:47 pm]
Wellll its that time again, where I get that random seldom urge to type. Yep. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... this is fun. Summer alas has almost come to end.. that was went way faster then I was expecting it to go.  Well some days it went fast and some days it went slow but overall now looking back, it feels like i just unnpacked my shit. Now i have to pppaaack it all up again.

So I am donnee at Watsons, weeeee. I finaly got to put away all my winter sweaters and safety shoes and throw away my ear plugs and hairnets. It was sad leaving of course because through the horrible conditions my moaning and complaining my frozen limbs and toes my red freezer burnt face and my sore aching muscles, we did have our fun, as I did meet some pretty awesome people along the way. As a parting gift to each other we decided to make a cd full of the songs we often mumbled, wailed and sang sometimes horribly off key to as we went about mindlessly handling frozen meat (ah ha sounds naughty) and so as my contribution to the memoire, i designed the cd cover.

My last weekend at Steve's is this weekend, which will also be sad, as it was sometimes really boring there, and some people really drove me nuts, it was a fun relaxed place where I got to learn cash register skills etc and read mannyy books this summer. I was averaging about 1-2 a weekend. Steve was great to work with, a fun guy with a zesst for life i like to call it, as he often came to work hungover from his latenight parties. and Im definately going to miss holly the artist who sells her paintings outside the shop she started getting tearyeyed last weekend cuz she thought i left without saying goodbye! awh.

So yeah its a bit sad, even though i complained all the way through i did have my fun, and yet if you said.. oh stephanie school's not starting for another week later you can work some more.. my response would be AHAHAH FUCKK THAT IM MOTHERFUCKING FREEEE!!!!

but now its kinda like being stuck in limbo because its just getting ready to move back to toronto like im just waiting. I cant get comfortable here cuz im going to be leaving soon and Im preparing for the move. Which I cant wait for because now a whooollee new chapter of my life opens again and theres nothing but more good times ahead. i hope!

still wished i coulda had a cottage trip this summer. I am so not getting a weekend job next year it fucks up a lot of shit.

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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2005|11:44 pm]

Which Emperor's New Groove character are you? Click here!

bahaha. i want that movie.
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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2005|09:39 pm]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]
[Current Music |Blue Orchid - White Stripes]

Well sportsfans its time for my somewhat monthly update. weeee are you exciteded? (notice how im just kinda rambling here because im not sure exactely what im going to talk about yet.. wow my entries hold a hell of a lot of insight dont they)

anyhoo. life. c'est la vie.
Mostly Im just working at Watson's (meat place) and the shoe store on weekends. Have the odd monday or another day off a week. As it has been said my work ethic should be complimented not the dreadful hours and work conditions I abuse myself with.
Its not so bad.. I guess. Just keepin the money in mind.

I went to wonderland on a Tim Horton's trip with Amanda and Amber.. lol how cool are we? Riding a schoolbus to Wonderland.. hell ya. Pure class baby. It was freaaaakingg hot I must have drank 3 or 4 full bottles of water and didnt' have to go pee once, that's how much I was sweating. Crazy. Went on the new italian job ride which i keep on calling italian mod ride. It was actually worth the crazy line up, because the ride was totally unexpected. Other than that had lots of jokes and fun, have to find ways to amuse yourself in line.

I also recently got a digital camera which i love. *pets it* its so shiny and pretty. I love it! No more missed camera ops because this baby is coming everywhere with me.

Usually I write some kind of funny story or experience here... but nothign really comes to mind. There have been lots of funny shit happening to me along the way im not totally miserable at everything I'm up to. I may complain about the meat place but i definately do have my fun there. The more time you spend there and get to know people the more people there are to talk to and have fun with making the time go somewhat faster. Dont worry i still cant wait for it to end.. but still my time there isnt all that unbearable. The shoe store steve and I have our fun makin fun of customers and really for the most part I get paid for reading a book. Because that dinky little town isnt exactely super popular or populated for that matter. Also ive been drawing and plan to sell some stuff at steve's. Ive finished one drawing and just have to spray and frame it. Hopefully I can sell that.

And its already the middle of july soon it will be the end of august and back in toronto i shall be, before I know it. Time does fly.

p.s this weather is crazy hot! ahhhh enough already!
p.p.s im still as white as i was when summer started
p.p.p.s. im just so cool..btw.
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update [Jun. 18th, 2005|10:21 pm]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |Kick you out - the caesars]

Hum ho. diddly squat. Is about all thats new. Soon its going to be June 21st.. the longest day of the year. And then my friends it all goes downhill from here. Summer will be over before we know it. and to tell you the truth I cant wait. I need a vacation from summer vacation. har de har har i know.

So Ive got 2 new experiences to tell you all about.
1. Paper Factory
2. Soap Factory.

Both places are soo much more rewarding then the other two ive been having and continue to have (fake smile smiley face goes here)

Paper factory.. I go there expecting to work from 3:30pm till 2am.. when the guy (nice guy name of frank.. typical hillybilly type persona complete with greasy mullet)how long i was told i work till and told him 2 he laughed at me. Oh now way eh, see what we do eh is not take any breaks so we can get the fuck outta here at like 12. First im thinking.. shiiiiit no breaks.. but then he shows me a chair. yes a chair. A bright light shown down upon this chair with angels singing holy music in the background. Yes boys and girls. I got myself a chair. It was a whole different experience. I got to sit there.. read my book for like 10 minutes.. wait till these paper packages loaded onto a turning turntable then pack them into boxes of 36.. which took about 5 minutes to empty the table. and repeat this process. Worth getting paid 50cents less then the meat factory.

Soap factory..Unfortunately there i do have to work from 3:30 till 2am.. which sucks monkey balls. i get very tired by the end of that shift.. and accidents happen. Like 15 minutes before the shift ended.. i rubbed my eyes. Lets keep in mind im handling soap for 10 hours.. can we say BURNING SENSATION! then im sweeping.. and becaue my eyes are still watering i whack my head with the broom.. not like WHAM.. but still it hurt. but other than that.. its an easy drive, easy work.. but long. it does smell pretty in there though.

I had an actual fun day at watsons the other day (meat factory) 3 machines broke down so there was a lot of standing around and doing nothing.. monica, camille and i sang disney songs... then we stood on a skid and pretended to audition for canadian idol. The smell of dead cows really gets to you after a while. And we wore boxes and i did elevator immitations and other really immature things.. but we had fun. along with entertaining other people which is always fun. and because for the most part it is just plain utterly depressing there.. you need to make your own fun, no matter how pathetically stupid or silly or immature it is. Which reminds me i have to learn the words to colours of the wind in pocahontas so we can sing it monday. lol one guy tried to bet us he could name a disney movie we didnt know a song off of. he lost. how cool are we. and then he had to label boxes for us.

on my free time you ask.. what do i get up to? well nothing really.. I read books, clean and tidy my room sort through all the random documents i have skewed about filing them as i go.. go online chat to some people occasionaly and some very often.. ive been playing around with website design and photoshop tutorials ... working on one of my sisters cartoons in illustrator.. and maybe doing the odd mall/movie trip with my highschool friends. and of course watching tv.

et voila. life.
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my life as of late [Jun. 3rd, 2005|12:06 am]
[Current Mood |geekygeeky]

You know i wrote this whole entry before and my mood was cheerful. Now it's not so much because i had to motherfucking write this shit all over agian. damn cpus. somebody better fucking read it... and comment to! also it was a lot longer but so fucking sue me.

Whooooo been awhile since ive updated, but how is that a surprise?
Just been busy working really. Yep life is fairly mundane and not extremly fun. But im earning money to spend during the school year which is when i reallyyy wanna have fun anyways.

I think ive worked every shift there is available. Afternoons, morning, midnight. yep ive worked it.

Working in a freezer does strange things to people. Or maybe these people were just strange to begin with. Dropped on the head as a child that sorta thing. Like one guy who is always trying to hit on me. He is reallllly slow. for example:
Me: you have to put these burgers in this box
Him: whhaat?
Me: you put. these here hamburgers. in this see box.
Him: dont fucking talk to me like im stupid... kay what i gotta do again?

Argh! did i mention he also has one eyeball protruding and talks about his mom beating him up and smoking weed with his step dad. Then says he can "mothefucking drink adn smoke as much shit as i want cuz the way i fucking figure it eh, is that i have abso fucking lutely no brain cells left" I talk a lot about my bf i love very much and try to avoid him as much as possible.

There are a few others too, there are prolly more wierd people because i cant really tell because they dont speak english. So physically they look sane, but really they could be ranting about how santa claus is their savour and how they wish their mother wore spandex.
dont get me wrong met lots of cool people who make the day wayyy better through all our jokes and chats. Even met some people i still keep in touch with and who i'll see more of in toronto.

Which reminds me of a story. lol. a friend of a friend started working at better beef. The factory next to ours. It is mandetory that we all wear hairnets. So a week after she starts working she calls my friend saying, "i think my head is to big, it doesn't fit in the hairnet". Which is impossible. These hairnets could fit an elephants rear end in them and not break. But yeah, turns out for a week she had been wearning the beardnet on her head. lmfao. A beardnet is a modified hairnet. It is wayyy smaller than a hairnet and has an elastic band running from each end. so the beardnet goes on your chin then the eleastic strap goes aroudn the back of your head. Now she was wearing it, as the strip of fabric on top of her head with the elastic running down around her chin, like a chin strap. ahhh lol. for a week! lmao and no one told her, how cruel.. ah but funny.

Other than freezing my ass off i spend time running up and down stairs getting shoes for old ladies who have an endless supply of things wrong with their feet. A few common examples:
"oh watch that foot dear i have a metal joint in that one"
"hmm nope this shoe is rubbing on my bunion"
"oh geez this ingrown toenail is really bothering me"
"i have plantus imparius (or some other big word which basically means toe fungus)"

so yeah.. that is my life daily. weeee.
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last leeching journal [Jun. 2nd, 2005|11:49 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplished that i did this]


Just wanted to say like whats up journal thing ....like i know i never write in u and stuff but like....im doing this for this sexy beast of mine named...well his name has been like undisclosed here.....but goes by..like....the leech and stuff....so ya my purpose in this journal entry is so like he can totally say his last journal entry in my thingy.....yes the leech did infact get his own journal now....where he will continue to write like amazing and insitefull things about his life...so ya like be sure u all to check that shit out cuz it will be bangin yo...so ya without further ado....i give u my last journal entry....that will be leeched....by...:the leech"

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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2005|08:35 pm]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]
[Current Music |I dont care - the roots]

Weather warm up god dammitall. I just put my turtlenecks in a box for the summer thinking I wouldn't have to wear them again all summer. I had to take them out of the box today. god dammitall. stupid weather, get nice and warm an pretty already.
Also they should make a cure for allergies. that involves one shot of mericld..uh how the hell you spell mericle.. mearicle...miricle. anyways one shot of miricle drug and boom your cured for life. No more itchy roof of mouths, itchy nose, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, puffy eyes, headaches and feeling sorry for oneself.

ahhh i cant see out of one eye, its all blurry. I really hope my eyesight lasts a long time, otherwise im going to feel realy sorry for myself. i need my eyesight.. it cant leave me.. snif.
might look stylish in glasses though. ha no.

uhm and other than to complain i dont have anything else to write about..
as usual.

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